Saturday, 9 October 2010

Sofa #1

The concept behind the design for Sofa #1 is to project clean, minimalist lines while also to giving the impression and feeling of strength. The frame which carries the base is over-engineered to the point where it would support the weight of a medium-sized truck, yet it can easily be carried by two people.

I struggled for quite some time with the design for the back and arm rests. In the end, I realized that if it was minimalism I wanted, then I should go all the way. There are no arm rests. Instead, a stiff padded cushion sits at each end. These serve as arm rests but can also be moved or removed completely. The back is formed by three straight lines that are neither connected with the base nor each other. Instead they bolt directly to the wall aligned at the correct angle to provide a comfortable recline.

Sofa #1 fits into the overall theme for the furnishings of the apartment where it is installed. That is the theme of 'suspended objects' and the use of strong colors against a plain background.

Music to enjoy while seated...

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