Friday, 27 May 2011

Animaris Rhinoceros Transport

Animaris Rhinoceros Transport is a moving sculpture by Dutch artist Theo Jansen.

The sculpture is made from steel tubing with a polyester fiberglass skin. It stands just under meters 5 tall and weighs about 2 tons, yet it glides effortlessly across the ground powerd only by a gentle breeze.

Theo Jansen has been working since 1990 to create sculptures that move on their own in eerily lifelike ways. Each generation of his "Strandbeests" is subject to the forces of evolution, with successful forms moving forward into new designs. Jansen's vision and long-term commitment to his wooden menagerie is as fascinating to observe as the beasts themselves.

His newest creatures walk without assistance on the beaches of Holland, powered by wind, captured by gossamer wings that flap and pump air into old lemonade bottles that in turn power the creatures' many plastic spindly legs. The walking sculptures look alive as they move, each leg articulating in such a way that the body is steady and level. They even incorporate primitive logic gates that are used to reverse the machine's direction if it senses dangerous water or loose sand where it might get stuck. -