Thursday, 27 October 2011

The Wynwood Building

The Wynwood Building is a refurbished warehouse in the middle of, what was once downtown Miami's warehouse district. This district became rundown and derelict until about 10 years ago when local artists and designers began to take advantage of the large interesting spaces available at low rental in a lively, but ramshackle, neighborhood.

In the past 15 years this area has changed from "no-go zone" into the hub of a stimulating and vibrant scene. So far the district has managed to pull this off without becoming gentrified, touristy or kitsch. The neighborhood still has a rough edge and a connection with it roots and the surrounding areas.

For me the Wynwood Building represents a striking and welcome return to the Cubist motif's that were first developed by artists such as Otakar Kubín during Cubism's heyday in Europe before World War I.

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